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Health Benefits of Bird"s Nest for Pregnancy and How to Cook Properly

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In the world of natural cuisine, there are few items that could match the nutritional value of edible bird"s nest. It has few dietary restriction and is suitable for all ages. Bird"s nest soup is considered an elixir of youth. It"s said to improve complexion and helps skin retain its natural beauty. It is the gold standard and a favorite among women.

1. Is Bird"s Nest good for pregnancy?

Studies from ancient Oriental medicine as well as modern western medicine show that edible bird"s nest contain essential nutrients that could potentially benefit the health of the baby and mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Health benefits of Bird Nest for pregnancy 1

Bird’s Nest Soup offers many health benefits for mothers-to-be throughout their 9 month pregnancy term

The health benefits of bird’s nest are well-documented and it is a widely-consumed food, especially amongst pregnant women as it can help promote cell division whilst strengthening both the mother’s and the baby’s immune system.

2. What are benefits of Bird"s Nest during pregnancy

As the stomach swells during pregnancy, stretch marks are a normal occurrence. Bird’s nests are believed to help relieve stretch marks thanks to the natural collagen contained within, ensuring smooth, supple skin for the mother-to-be.

Comprising many restorative properties, bird’s nest is also beneficial for promoting healthy growth to the foetus by stimulating cell growth, increasing blood supply and boosting the immune system while providing rich antioxidants to help eliminate free radicals.

Health benefits of bird nest for pregnancy

Bird’s nests are believed to help relieve stretch marks thanks to the natural collagen contained within, ensuring smooth, supple skin for the mother-to-be

Glycine substances in bird"s nest can help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia in pregnant women, decreased risk of neural tube defects in the fetus and promote the overall development of children.

The tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin and melatonin, found in bird"s nest soup has antidepressant effects and can help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue in mothers as well as promoting the recovery process after birth. In addition, tryptophan promotes the optimal growth for the child.


The tryptophan helps reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue in mothers as well as promoting the recovery process after birth

Mothers that consume bird"s nest regularly can give birth to healthy babies that are free of lung diseases and respiratory organ failures.

The threonine found in bird"s nest soup important in the formation of elastin and collage which help prevent aging of the skin. Daily consumption of bird"s nest soup can help the skin retain its radiance and natural beauty to help skin from aging as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

The largest benefit of bird"s nest is that it contains amino acids that are essential but the human body cannot synthesize such as: Leucine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Arginine, Histidine... Bird"s nest soup contain a large amount of proline which is important for the recovery muscles, tissues and skin after a traumatic event like giving birth.

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3. Using Edible Bird"s Nest for Pregnant Mother: when to eat bird nest during pregnancy?

Bird"s nest is NOT recommended in the first trimester (the first 3 months pregnancy). The embryo needs time to firmly embedded into the uterus and establish all the important connections for growth. Best time to drink bird"s nest during pregnancy is from the 4th month onwards.

Bird Nest for pregnant women first trimester

Bird"s nest is not recommended in the first trimester (the first 3 months pregnancy)

The recommended amount is 5-10g of dried cleaned bird"s nest used every day or every other day. To save time, you can cook a couple at a time, portion and store in the refrigerator for daily use.

You should not consume large amount of bird"s nest soup at once. For best results, eat a small amount everyday.

4. Using Bird"s Nest after giving birth

The health of post-partum women often substantially reduced. This is because a large amount of blood is loss during childbirth, either by Caesarean section or natural birth.

Compounded by the lack of sleep and hormonal imbalance cause women to feel tired and stressed out and have a weak resistance to infections.

Valuable nutritients in bird"s nest soup will accelerate the process of recovery for the mother. Bird"s nest can also enhance milk supply and scientific evidence show that breast milk is the best food for babies.

bird nest for pregnancy after giving birth

Valuable nutritients in bird"s nest soup will accelerate the process of recovery for the mother

In addition, the connective tissue under the skin dilate to meet the weight gain during the pregnancy. Mothers with Caesarean deliveries suffer added injuries during birth.

Using bird"s nest soup after birth can help mothers get back in shape as well as quickly regain smooth skin.

Dosage & Administration:

Bird"s nest soup can be used immediately after birth. It is recommended that the mother should try a small amount to test for allergies.

A few slices of fresh ginger can be added to keep the body warm and good for digestion. If mother and baby respond well, then use 5-10g dried cleaned bird"s nests every day or every other day.

5. Bird"s Nest Soup recipe for pregnancy


- 1 piece Hello Nest Bird"s Nest or 10gram of dried, cleaned Bird"s Nest

- 1 cup drinking water or boiled then cooled water, for soaking.

- 5-6 pieces Rock/Lump sugar.


- Soak the dry Bird"s Nest in a bowl of water for about 3-5 hours. Use drinking water or water that has been boiled and cooled down to soak the Bird"s Nest. After that, carefully strain the Bird"s Nest and throw the water away.

5.1. Cooking the Bird’s Nest Soup using a slow cooker

- Once done the straining bird’s nest process, pour all bird’s nest into a slow cooker. Rinse the dates and put on top the bird"s nest in the slow cooker. Add in the rock sugar.  


Add dates, rock sugar and put on top the bird"s nest in the slow cooker

- Add enough water to cover the ingredients and let it cook in the slow cooker for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your desired texture.

how to cook bird nest soup with slow cooker

Bird"s Nest cooked in the slow cooker for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your desired texture

- You may also cook it with pandan leaves for a different dimension and aroma.

how to cook bird nest soup with slow cooker

The gooey, gelatinuos bird nests, strands still intact

5.2. Cooking Bird’s Nest in a double boiler

- Prepare a double-boiler and fill the external pot with water that covers almost half the internal pot.

- Place the drained bird"s nest in the internal boiler and add 1 - 2 bowls of water depending of the pieces cooked. 

how to cook bird nest with rock sugar in a double boiler

Place the drained bird"s nest in the internal boiler into the external boiler

- Cover both the internal and external pots and start boiling the pot. 

- Once it"s boiling, turn to low flame to continue to boil for another 2 - 3 hours.

- When the bird"s nest is cooked to desired texture, stir in rock sugar to taste and cover for about 5 minutes to allow the sugar to dissolve fully

how to cook bird nest with rock sugar in a double boiler

The highly recommended way to enjoy bird’s nest soup, is just with water and rock sugar

- Do remember to check the water in the external pot is not dried up and sufficient throughout the boil. Once cooked you can have your bird"s nest served hot or cold in a bowl depends on your preference.

6. Additional ingredients you can add into a bird"s nest soup

Raw Edible Bird’s Nest is mainly made up of nutritious protein and therefore contains a certain "egg-like" smell. Purists have been known to consume Bird’s Nest Soup without any other ingredients for maximum absorption and quality.

Here, we do recommend several alternatives that can be added to your Bird’s Nest Soup to make it more delectable.

Rock Sugar

how to cook bird nest soup with rock sugar

Rock sugar

Often consumed as a dessert delicacy, Bird’s Nest is widely-expected to taste sweet. Rock sugar is an essential ingredient in cooking Bird’s Nest. Use suitable amount of rock sugar according to personal preference.


how to cook bird nest soup - ginseng


Ginseng has been used in traditional chinese medicine for centuries. It is widely used as an energy tonic, treating stress, increase alertness and mental clarity.

Red Dates 

how to cook bird nest soup - red dates

Red Dates

It help the body to produce more red blood cells and boosts immunity. it is also very good for the throat. 

Dried Longans

how to cook bird nest soup - dried longans

Dried Longans

Help to produce a "calming" sensation to the Bird’s Nest soup and has therapeutic properties.


how to cook bird nest soup - ginger


Ginger is a catalyst, helping the antioxidants in the Bird’s Nest soup to be better absorbed by the body. It is alkaline and helps the body to digest food, aiding blood circulation and is a wonderful natural remedy for colds.

Egg White

how to cook bird nest soup - egg white

Egg White

Adding some egg white helps to enhance the favours of the bird nest. Goes very well with ginger with bird nest as well. Highly recommended.

Pandan leaves

how to cook bird nest soup - pandan leaves

Pandan leaves

They have a wonderful fragrance and are often used in Asia to magnify the aroma of dishes. Pandan leaves can be cooked together with the Bird’s Nest in the internal pot for a heavenly scent!

Ginkgo Nuts

how to cook bird nest soup - ginkgo nut

Ginkgo nuts

They have high level of antioxidants. It is an effective treatment for deteriorating memory and early stage Alzheimer"s disease. 

Important : Must be taken in moderate amount to enjoy benefits.

7. Useful Tips for cooking Bird"s Nest

- Rather than weighing the bird’s nest, go by pieces per person. For one person, use 1 piece of Hello Nest Bird"s Nest. This equates to about 9-12 grams per person. We use 1 rice bowl of water per person.


Rather than weighing the bird’s nest, go by pieces per person

- Although red dates are a common addition in bird’s nest soup, we wouldn"t recommend using it. According to our own experience, the cheap red dates will act like a sponge which absorb the goodness of the bird’s nest soup (though it’s not so bad if you eat the red dates).

- We highly recommend to enjoy bird’s nest in the purest way – just bird’s nest, water and rock sugar. You may also add American ginseng slices. If you find ginseng bitter or intend to consume at night (it improves alertness/ 提神), omit it.

- Don’t fuss over prepping the Bird’s Nest, because our products are usually very clean. Simply soak the bird’s nest pieces in water overnight until fully expanded and softened, but not so long that the bird’s nest disintegrates into small bits.

If there are any impurities such as debris and feathers (which is very normal, as it proves that it is 100% authentic bird"s nest), pluck them out using a kitchen tweezer, drain, and they are ready for cooking.

how to clean bird nest 2

Don’t fuss over prepping the Bird’s Nest, because our products are usually very clean​

- Avoid boiling bird"s nest for too long. Boiling them for too long will remove the solid chunks in the Bird"s Nest Soup, and cause it to become very watery. It will also remove all the proteins and good nutrients inside the bird"s nest.

The older folks especially dislike it when the stewed bird’s nest soup do not have solid chunks after cooking (i.e. very watery). We highly recommend boiling house nest for 20 minutes max. Please see below for more details.

- For best results, use the traditional way of double-boiling instead of an electronic double-boiler slow cooker. However, an electronic slow cooker is an alternative, subjected to personal preference.

how to cook bird nest soup 3

Traditional way of double-boiling is recommended

- It is said that bird’s nest soup is best consumed at room temperature, or chilled, on an empty stomach (such as just before bed, or when you wake up in the morning). For maximum absorption, do not eat “heaty” snacks or medication a few hours before and after drinking bird’s nest soup.

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Any questions or need advice about edible bird’s nest, please contact 612-227-3769 for assistance.
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